No parent wants to acknowledge that their child has the disease of alcoholism. My daughter was struggling with alcohol before our eyes, and we had no idea. We only saw the bright and beautiful in her, but she was not in control of this disease. It was not until Kathryn came into our lives that we realized the danger our daughter was in. Kathryn educated us on the disease and how it affects the entire family. Her caring and loving devotion to assisting not just our daughter, but the entire family through the difficult and delicate recovery process was amazing. Kathryn helped our daughter navigate through all the necessary bureaucracies associated with detox and rehabilitation. She was there for all of us through the whole process. She saved her life. My daughter is a survivor and is now blessed with a wonderful life, in recovery since 2015. She is married and has 2 beautiful daughters. This is a life that would not be possible had she not found Kathryn and removed alcohol from her life.

Donna S.

Kathryn saved my life. Before we met, I had been struggling to get sober for nearly a decade. I would cobble together several months and put my life back together only to pull it all down on a binge. I was drinking and driving. I was mixing opiates with alcohol. Every day, I wanted to die. One weekend I was detoxing from a particularly intense binge when I reached out to Kathryn for help. Although I thought we were going to her house for me to recover, Kathryn wisely took me to a medical detox facility instead. After three days in detox, Kathryn convinced me to stay for the 30-day program.

I worked with Kathryn regularly, on my recovery, in the years following rehab. She kept me focused on the steps and made me accountable for regularly attending meetings and getting involved in services. For years, I had a tendency to complicate matters and to procrastinate, but Kathryn outlined a program of action that seemed so simple. I had no more excuses.

Today, I have over seven years of sobriety. While sober, I’ve faced some of the most stressful events in my life and yet I continue to have the one thing I never dreamed I’d have; peace-of-mind. Kathryn showed me a way to live joyous and free. She taught me about the power of gratitude. She helped me find a God of my understanding who is now a cornerstone in my life. I tried for a decade, in every way possible, but could not stay sober. Then I met Kathryn. Kathryn saved my life. I am forever grateful.

Joy D.

I am someone who knows first hand how important it is to have the right person available to you that can lend support, guidance, and encouragement without being judgmental. Kathryn is that right person. Kathryn is knowledgeable in her field as a recovery coach and interventionist. She is a dedicated, kind, and caring person and she is committed to helping individuals and their families. Kathryn is very knowledgeable about the challenges that exist in the pursuit of sobriety. I am a daughter, wife and mother, whose family has been affected by substance abuse, for most of my life.

I highly recommend that anyone struggling with a substance disorder should reach out to Kathryn to get the help that you and your loved ones need and deserve.


Cynthia C.

If you’ve happened to find your way to Kathryn, it may not seem like it at the moment, but you’ve been incredibly blessed. She’s one of the greatest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Kathryn ultimately saved my life and supported my family along the way to getting me the help I so desperately needed. I’ve been sober since May 16th 2015 and she helped me get into treatment and start the incredible life I have today.

Simply put, alcohol took over my life. I couldn’t go more than a couple of hours without taking a sip or I would start withdrawing. I hid alcohol in my car, in my coffee cup at work, under the sink, everywhere... I couldn’t stop drinking and was eventually let go from job. I stole from my roommates and my family. Things got very scary and I wanted to take my own life. I had nowhere to live or not many people left who I could turn to. Around this time, a friend introduced me to Kathryn, who helped get me into treatment. Kathryn explained to me that I wasn’t a bad person, that I had a disease called Alcoholism and I now couldn’t stop on my own.

I knew I was going to die if something drastic didn’t happen. At first, I did not want to go to treatment. I was embarrassed and young (22, at the time) and couldn’t get over the idea that my life would be over if I went to treatment and that all my friends would be gone. I thought I could stop on my own and learn control. One afternoon, I ran out of liquor and drove to my parents to steal while they were at work. I was drinking and throwing up and drinking and throwing up on their kitchen floor and knew this had to stop. I had to get out of the situation I was in. We called around to different treatment centers to see who had an open bed for me and one that would work with my insurance. I was told I needed to go to a detox center first and then move onto a rehab facility. Kathryn, behind the scenes, talked to my parents. They didn’t understand why I couldn’t stop drinking and ruining my life.She helped them get books and resources to try and understand the disease of addiction.

When I left treatment, I attended meetings and continued to learn about my disease of addiction. Since Day 1, Kathryn has always been there for me and remains available to pick up the phone when I need someone to talk to. This disease is one you have to work at every day. Today, my life is incredibly more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I now have a husband and 2 children and I have more fun sober than I ever did while drinking. I’ve learned how to be accountable and show up for people. Most importantly I get to be 100% physically and emotionally present for the ups and downs of life. I owe everything to Kathryn and her paving the way for my sobriety.

Kate S.

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