Should I do an intervention?

If you are asking this question, there is a high likelihood someone in your family is suffering with an addiction. Experience has shown, it is always best to get help for your loved one.


Does Kathryn travel?

Yes, Kathryn will travel anywhere within the US.


Where should the intervention take place?

After assessing each situation, we select a place that works best for the family.


Who should be there?

Ideally, all impacted loved ones should be there. We put together a team that will support you throughout the process.


Can we do the intervention via Zoom?

Yes, all training can be done in person or via Zoom. The actual intervention process typically happens in person.


Do treatment centers accept insurance?

Every facility is different. Kathryn will absolutely help you navigate the pathway for a successful outcome.


Is the intervention covered by insurance?

No. Insurance does not cover interventions.


Is a detox facility for everyone?

No, not everyone needs to enter a detox facility before heading to treatment. However, each patient does need to be safely detoxed. Kathryn will determine the best course of action for your loved one’s safety.


Does everyone need an inpatient rehabilitation treatment facility?

Every case is different. Kathryn will guide the family to determine which option suits your loved one best.


Does Kathryn help choose a treatment facility?

Ultimately, if treatment is necessary, it is the family's choice where to send its loved one, however, Kathryn will provide you with recommendations, or assist you in making an informed decision.


What sort of assistance does the family need?

Not every family wants to get professional help, but research shows the more a family participates, the better the results.


Is there an after-care plan?

Yes. Kathryn will coach you through the entire intervention, from beginning to end, including after-care.


Is the intervention like the television show, named “Intervention?”

No, absolutely no cameras! Kathryn provides a very loving and healing approach to recovery.