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Kathryn’s expertise as a nationally certified intervention professional, is complemented by decades of experience and countless successful outcomes. She continuously researches and applies innovative, proven techniques to help families heal from substance use disorder and other addictions. With a practice dating back to 2005, in California, Kathryn’s native British flare still comes through and offers a charming, yet results-driven edge.

Whether assisting with a high-profile client in the privacy of one’s home, or a conventional household, Kathryn commits to the highest degree of discretion and professionalism. Her approach is pragmatic, yet empathetic and she guides each family member throughout the intervention cycle, including aftercare.

As a keynote speaker, Kathryn conveys the key elements of her customized, exclusive program, in a bid to raise awareness and provide practical solutions to corporations, schools, healthcare providers and more. As a result, these societal leaders learn improved methods on how to treat affected individuals and handle such complex situations.

Kathryn's ultimate goal is holistic, in that she helps guide everyone involved, including family members, to cope with the unknown, by offering practical tools each person can use, throughout the healing process. These tools will provide a sense of direction and the assurance they can successfully navigate through the crisis at hand.  As noted in the testimonials provided, the family healing that takes place during the style of intervention that Kathryn offers has proven remarkable.

Kathryn offers a unique program in a safe and warm environment of mutual understanding. She aims to give back all those affected control of their life, help them reconcile with their past and empower them to embrace the future. Choose our certified intervention professional for intervention services that truly make a difference for everyone involved.

Proud member of AIS (Association of Intervention Specialists) and ISPF (Independant Society of Female Professionals).

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